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Advanced Powder Production Equipment and Technolog
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Advanced Heat Treatment  Equipment and Technology

Jutatech is a global leading supplier of solutions to innovative materials manufacturing technology, Apply the humans latest intelligent science and technology to fully meet frontier demands of new materials manufacturing.

We are proud that engineers and managers of our company have insight to the development process of this industry, and tap potential of advanced materials manufacturing technology deeply based on their profound knowledge and practical experience, thus creating intelligent industrial solutions for the customers.

We are focusing on providing integrated solutions to advanced powder materials and intelligent system for the customers, including advanced powder materials manufacturing technologies as well as heat treatment equipment with vacuum or atmosphere protection, and MIM/PM powder metallurgy sintering technologies with vacuum or atmosphere protection as well as heat treatment equipment, perfectly achieving the goals required by the customers.

1.Nano powder materials (metal/ceramic) technical solutions

2.Superfine powder materials (metal/ceramic) technical solutions

3.Spherical powder materials (metal/ceramic) technical solutions

4.High chemical purity powder materials (metal/ceramic) technical solutions

Our technical solutions can be applied in the following industrial fields, such as powder metallurgy, 3D printing materialscarbon-carbon materials, hard alloy, super-hard materials, functional ceramic materials, MIM/PM , carbon and silicon carbide composite materials, metal heat treatment, magnetic materials, photovoltaic materials, energy storage battery materials, semi-conducting materials, etc..

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Hunan Juta Technologise Co.,Ltd.

Address:East new district of the Yiyang high-tech zone,Hunan Province,CHN

bus line:Yiyang train station 32 road bus toYisheng

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