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Advanced Powder Production Equipment and Technolog
High-pressure water atomization preparation powdered material production line
introduction: Highpressure water atomization preparation powdered material production line is featured as an equipment, an industrialized mass-   production device, designed for producing powder by water ...
Gas Atomization Powder Manufacturing Production Line
introduction: Gas atomization preparation powdered material production line is featured as an equipment designed for producing metal ball-shaped powder by gas atomization under certain conditions.    Its working...
Rotary Disc Centrifugal Atomization Powder Manufacturing Production Line
introduction:  The principle of rotating-disk centrifuge atomization technology refers to that metal liquid flows from smelting furnace toward the center of high-speed rotating disk along through...
Plasma Atomization Powder Manufacturing Production Line
introduction: The plasma, as a technology under ultimate conditions, is an advanced and new technology in the application for disposition and synthesis and preparation of powdered material, and currently...
Quenching Amorphous Powder Production Line (Sino-Japan Cooperation)
introduction: Quench cool amorphous powdered material production line provided by is a close cooperation technology with Japan, and it is a single-roller quench cooling equipment. Its working principle refers to...
Plasma Spheroidization Powder Manufacturing Production Line
introduction: Radiofrequency plasma possesses high energy density, strong heating strength, and its plasma arc is huge. Due to no electrodes available, it can not generate polluting products caused by electrode...
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Powder Heat Treatment  Equipment and Technology Se
Pusher Reduction Equipment
introduction: Powdered material deoxidization/annealing equipment of this series produced by, is primarily applied to the deoxidization/annealing of metallic oxide powders, also to the calcination of salts and...
Steel Belt Reduction Equipment
introduction: Steel belted furnace is principally used in powder metallurgy industry for generating metal powder with deoxidization, such as iron powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, molybdenum powder...
Mesh Belt Reduction Equipment
introduction: Mesh-belt deoxidization equipment is primarily utilized for sintering of powder metallurgic iron-based and copper-based products and reduction and annealing of metal powders.
Tubular Rotary Calcining Equipment
introduction: Rotary tube sintering equipment is primarily adopted in reduction and sintering of metal powder, oxides, and salts under certain gas environment.
Pit Type Water Vapor Heat Treatment Equipment
introduction: Well-type vapor heat treatment equipment is batch type electric furnace, into which water steam will be sent for surficial oxidation on powdered metallurgic iron-based products generated by...
Horizontal Vacuum Degreasing Equipment
introduction: The series of Horizontal Vacuum Degreasing Equipment is primarily applied to degreasing (dewaxing) under vacuum and carrier gas circumstance.
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