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Large High Vacuum Sintering Furnace
number: JTZK-LS
introduction: High-vacuum large vacuum sintering equipment produced by is primarily applied to degreasing (dewaxing) and sintering under vacuum or gas carried circumstances. Especially, it is used for sintering...
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Large High Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Application and Principles

High-vacuum large vacuum sintering equipment produced by is primarily applied to degreasing (dewaxing) and sintering under vacuum or gas carried circumstances. Especially, it is used for sintering of FeAl compound and TiAl compound filtering materials. Also, this equipment is utilized to sintering of stainless-steel bases, cemented carbide, high-proportion alloy, metal ceramics, magnetic material, carbides, boride, and oxides.

 Structure abstract

 This series of vacuum sintering furnace adopts vertical water cooling unit pattern, bottom door, and auto-elevating. Depending on the demand for furnace temperature and process requirement, clients can choose molybdenum strip or graphite as heating element, adopt carbon fiber as thermal insulation screen, and also can utilize composite thermal insulation screen made of molybdenum strip and stainless steel.

 Heating elements can be distributed among multi districts, and each district controls temperature independently, programs PID regulation, and precisely control temperature.

 It is equipped with particular sealed furnace pipe and multi-stage water cooling disk styled fat trapper, achieving degreasing by directional gas flow, and no fat-hidden dead corners inside furnace, allowing more completed degreasing.

 It can be equipped with furnace inside or outside circulation cooling device, accelerating the chilling of material inside furnace, shortening working period, and improving production efficiency.

Principle Technical Parameters

Product technical parameters of equipment are presented as below, and partial of these data will be updated as the product innovation, please contact us if any latest data:

It is standard configuration above, and can be adjusted according to the demand from customers

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