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High Gravity (PM/MIM) Horizontal Vacuum Sintering Furnace
number: JTZKS
introduction: This series of high-proportion alloy (PM/MIM) horizontal vacuum sintering equipment, produced by is primarily applied for sintering of high-proportion alloy.
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High Gravity (PM/MIM) Horizontal Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Overview and Principles

This series of high-proportion alloy (PM/MIM) horizontal vacuum sintering equipment, produced by is primarily applied for sintering of high-proportion alloy.

 Its major functions: vacuum inside sintering, partial-pressure sintering, hydrogen sintering, vacuum cooling, natural cooling, charge cooling, and forced cooling etc.

A. Innovative Technology Advantage

       1. New standard on sintering technology;

       2. Multi-field originally brand-new function and process;

       3. Substitution for conventional tungsten-wire pusher type sintering furnace, generating higher-quality sintering products.

B. Intelligent Control Technical Advantages

 1. Adopt the best human-machine interface, 10-15 inch, among German brands, centralized date input, centralized management, and centralized control;

 2. Completely auto-operation (completely auto-regulating, such as boating time, pressure, flow, ignition);

 3. Real-time alarm, historical alarm recording;

4. Auto-deciding handling methods after alarming, waiting with grades;

5. Integrated input of temperature, flow, pressure, and boating time;

6. Real-time tendency curves and historical tendency curves;

7. Operating authorization: operator, manager etc. (password protected);

8. Multi-stage technological curve options;

 9. Upgradable remote assisting-diagnosing system

C. Overall Designing Advantages, occupying small area

 1. Adopt 3D designing, placing heating pressure transformer above furnace, integrated designing of cooling water and furnace, pumping unit pipes, narrowing the occupied area with 30%, and two placing types available;

 2. The entire equipment is painted by baking varnish.

D. Process Accurate Controlling Technology Advantages

 1. Adopt mass-and-flow controller and proportional valve controller, auto-regulating flow depending on process parameters, preventing the unstableness (20-50% fluctuating rate) of gas input volume caused by rotary flowmeter and open-close type controller due to the variation of parameters like pressure fluctuation.

 2. Each process gas has two alarm output (warning alarm and action alarm);

 3. Refined gas flowing control, and gas can evenly permeate into products.

E. Production Efficiency Greatly Increased

 1. Production max output of singe furnace approximates 1.5 ton.

 2. Innovative holding insulation technology, saving more than 50% electricity consumption.

 3. Save more than 30% gas consuming.

 4. Single-furnace product qualification ratio≥99%.

F. Equipment Control Optimized, Fast Forced Cooling

1. Rear-door internal heat exchanger;

2. Fan frequency converter stepless controlling;

3. Cooling down according to process curves (speed is adjustable);

4. Increase production efficiency.

G. Security Advantage

 1. Huge-scale explosion-proof equipment;

 2. Pressure auto-relief device;

 3. Back-pressure filling device.

H. Integrated performance upgrading advantages

 1. Multi-point temperature testing inside furnace (American thermocouple);

 2. Auto-examining and controlling on cooling water flow/temperature;

 3.Dry-style screw vacuum pump (German Leybold/same class);

 4. Valves applies German and Japanese brands;

 5. Human-machine interface adopts the best brand in Germany.

Principle Technical Parameters

Product technical parameters of equipment are presented as below, and partial of these data will be updated as the product innovation, please contact us if any latest data:

It is standard configuration above, and can be adjusted according to the demand from customers.

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